I Used to be Skinny, but now . . .

I’m fat! Ok, there, I said it. I usually refer to myself as a ‘big girl’; but in reality – I’m fat! I don’t know why I’m fat; I spent my first 32 years as a ‘skinny little thing’. I had doctors trying to get me to gain weight with my first 3 babies. Then I hit about 33 years old and the weight gain started; it continued at the rate of 10 lbs. per year. I don’t know why; nothing changed; what I ate and how much I ate stayed the same, I still exercised, no gigantic life changes, no increased stress. And over the last 16 years I have gained 150 lbs! Unfortunately for him, my husband has gained  nearly the same amount of weight.  I was ok with my weight until the last few years; now I can barely walk, everything I do hurts or is nearly impossible to do. I can’t put on pantyhose, I can only tie my shoes if I put my foot up on a chair which is also nearly impossible, I can’t walk up stairs, etc. etc.. We have decided to lose the weight. We are miserable. We want to feel good, we want to be able to enjoy working out again.   I will keep you up to date on our progress!


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