The Scale

scaleMy scale! I know we are supposed to be mortal enemies, but he is my new bff! I have no idea why I think of my scale in the masculine; I’m sure there is some deep-seated psychological problem behind it, but I really don’t care to delve that deeply into my self-esteem issues.

I realize that when you are attempting to lose weight, you are told not to weigh yourself daily; but I do!  Now, admittedly I only record my weight once a week on my Weekly Weigh-in post; but I still adore watching my weight creep lower and lower by the day (most of the time).  Hubby is a very OC type personality so he has a whole Excel weight chart and graph thing that he records his weight on every day. I have no idea if he thinks of the scale as masculine or feminine and I probably don’t want to know.


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