Food Perspective

A few weeks ago, I decided that I had had enough. I felt horrible and I was almost positive that I was diabetic. I regularly had chest and arm pains and difficulty breathing. My knees and ankles hurt so much that I limped and every step I took was painful; I even had to resort to using those motorized buggies a few times just to do my shopping. I frequently had “stomach issues”. I was convinced that if I continued on the same path, I wasn’t going to live much longer and I was convinced that it was because I was so overweight. I had to go back on the lo-cal diet that had previously been so successful for Hubby and I. Monday would be the day. That Saturday, I read a book by the Braggs on healthy living; it changed my entire perspective. Maybe it wasn’t simply the weight; maybe the weight was just the symptom; maybe the real issue was the garbage that I was putting into my body. I didn’t think I was eating garbage. I don’t drink alcohol or consume artificial sweeteners. I was eating what I thought of as good old-fashioned country cooking. I also don’t really like many fruits or vegetables. I knew that it was packing a lot of pounds on my body but I just didn’t realize how unhealthy it was. That book by the Braggs caused me to start doing a lot of research in a very short amount of time. I have to insert a little disclaimer in here; I do not agree with the Braggs’ religious views and there is quite a bit of faulty reasoning in their writings. Frankly, I think they are a bit nutty! There, I said it. However, I am very grateful for the many things I’ve learned from their writings so far. What I read that night and the research I did (and am doing) convinced me to completely renovate my thinking when it comes to food and my body. I began that Monday. I completely cut most processed foods, all dairy and most meat from my diet. I began drinking only water and juices and eating only 100% whole grains (and only a little of that). Those were the major changes; there were some other changes as well that I will document in later posts.

I never expected to see a dramatic change in such a short period of time. Wow! Within 24 hours I felt WAY better. My energy level and overall positivity was through the roof. Within 48 hours I had no more chest pains, shortness of breath, or symptoms of diabetes. I was sleeping much better and the pain in my knees and ankles had almost completely disappeared. I was walking without a limp for the first time literally in years. I lost 9 lbs. in a week and a half, but that is typical weight loss for me at the beginning of a diet and I didn’t lose anymore over the next 4 days (also typical for me). I wanted to make sure that this was only the effect of diet change so I didn’t exercise, fast, take vitamin supplements or drink apple cider vinegar as the Braggs suggested in their books. This was great! I wasn’t having to count calories and I wasn’t very hungry (only a little). I did this for 2 weeks. Then I started “The Reverse Experiment”. Tune in tomorrow for the next episode!


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