The Experiment

After the wonderful progress of the preceding two weeks, I had some people telling me that the whole reason I was feeling great, and especially why my knees and ankles were now nearly pain free, was because of the nine pounds I had lost. It was not the drastic diet change but the decreased strain on my joints. I did not agree with them. I had lost weight before and hadn’t felt these kinds of results. I needed to conduct an experiment; I needed to know the truth. Why hold myself to such a strict diet if it didn’t make any difference what I ate? I decided to eat whatever I wanted for the next week. I did not over indulge; in fact I still was fairly careful about what and how much I ate. I did, however, eat beef, dairy, white breads, small amounts of sugar and fried foods. That week is now over and so is my experiment. What were the results? I regained four pounds, my energy level has dropped, my knees and ankles have begun to hurt again, my stomach issues have returned, and my symptoms of diabetes and heart problems have returned. None of these returning problems are as bad as they were before. I do not want to feel this bad and I do want to feel the way I felt before the experiment. I do want to feel 10 years younger again, so the diet is back on and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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