Things That Make It Harder

I live in a house with  my husband, 3 of our 6 children (boys 17, 18, 24), and my elderly parents. I am responsible for most of the cooking. No one else, at this point is following the same diet as me, although Hubby is getting closer to it. It’s extremely difficult (physically) for me to stand long enough to prepare a meal for everyone, much less two completely different meals.

 I am a very good, old fashioned country cook and I enjoy cooking. Unfortunately for me, everything I used to cook is NOT compatible with my new way of eating. Hubby says that he has no doubt that I can use my skills for good instead of evil; but as I stated above, It’s very difficult for me to stand for very long at this point. Hopefully that continues to improve.

I am out chauffeuring my boys around a great deal and where I live there aren’t a lot of options.

There are Mexican food establishments every block here in southeast Texas; enough said.

I’m cheap. Fruits, veggies, nuts, and organic foods are expensive. I’m having to prepare 2 different meals.

My son has to be at work, 20 minutes from our house, by 4 a.m. so by the time I’m preparing the 2 dinner meals, I’m tired. That’s when I tend to cave and that’s the worse time to cave.


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