The Instrument of My Downfall


I’ve been doing fairly well with my new-found eating style. I haven’t really had much of a problem giving up refined sugar like I thought I would . . . until today. It’s that time of year again; the time when Kit Kat sells their (in my humble opinion) greatest creation by the bagful. They take white chocolate Kit Kat bars, artificially color them orange and sell them as Halloween candy. I can’t resist white chocolate Kit Kats. Why do they do this to me? Why do they tempt me to the dark side every year? Of course, it’s not my fault for giving in to the temptation laid before me. I can’t really be expected to use my own willpower to overcome it, right? Before you ask, yes I did read the ingredient list and yes I was horrified by said list. Yes, I do realize what I’m putting into my body and yes I do feel terribly guilty. I have almost entirely avoided all sweeteners (except for small amounts of raw unfiltered honey) for a month now. I’ve given in about twice a week, each week, for a few glasses of sweet tea and a couple of sodas. Not bad considering my previous daily Sonic habit and daily quart of sweet tea. Yes I’ve improved greatly . . . until today. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


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