Die-Off . . . . Yuck!

The mystery of my uti’s has been solved; at least I’m pretty sure it has. It is what happens to my body when the yeast die off and release toxins into my system. This process is called die-off. Symptoms can be different for different people. I apparently get bladder infections. I dealt with this by doing exactly the wrong thing;¬†totally ditching my newly discovered way of eating. I am in the process of preparing my body to slowly go back on the “diet” by strengthening my immune system, my liver and my bladder in hopes of minimizing the die-off reaction. I’ve also gotten supplements to help with the bladder infection should I get it again without having to resort to antibiotics AGAIN. I was on 3 different kinds in 2 weeks and my body is still recovering from it. This time Hubby is going to join me in my quest for better health. He said “Fix me!” hahaha


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