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I Climbed Stairs Today!

I realize that to most of you, the above statement should be followed by an exclamation mark; but this is monumental for me. I haven’t been able to go up or down a flight of stairs like a normal person in years. Previously I had to hold on to the railing, using it to drag myself up and go down side ways. I had to put both feet on the step before proceeding to the next step and even then every step was painful.  After only a few stairs I would have been breathing very, very hard and my chest would have felt as though it were going to explode. NOT today!  It was only 2 flights of stairs in a parking garage, down and then back up a little while later, but it was my idea to take those stairs and not use the elevator. There was no pain in my ankles, feet or even my knees. I must admit that those body parts do feel a bit weak (I don’t know exactly how to explain that) but they didn’t hurt. And I only got slightly winded on the trip up the stairs, but only for a few moments and only a little bit. Things are really looking up a little more every day.